Welcome to 2020!

Goodbye 2019 and welcome 2020! And to start the year off we are offering free access to our Watchman platform and products during development, as part of our early adopter program

With 2019 just about to slink around the corner, I would like to kick off 2020 with an invite and an opportunity - for anyone out there who would be interested and willing to join the early adopter program of our reliability and security platform Watchman, in development and rollout during 2020.

Watchman is aimed at simplifying the control and oversight of cybersecurity, patch management, risk management and software & hardware reliability monitoring - for assets from web servers to robotic units and IoT devices. It will also maintain a global database of patches, versions and vulnerabilities for all the major Operating Systems and software frameworks and platforms used for web, e-commerce, robotics and web-based apps.

We are looking for cloud server hosting providers; digital agencies and development houses that provide hosting and support for client sites and device manufacturers. We are also looking to talk to end-user organisations that have either experienced issues with site reliability, performance or security, or have current concerns around these issues.

Our early adopter program will help us refine user experience, feature development and predictive analytics, as well as test products with future customers and ensure that Watchman will deliver its mission; reducing the risks generated by reliance on unpatched systems, unmonitored devices and outdated platforms.

In return for providing insights and feedback on our products we will be offering free usage and early access to new features…

“From Wannacry to Mirai, the stark truth is that almost every major cybersecurity attack has resulted from the use of outdated software and software systems that were not security patched and had known security vulnerabilities. And yet, 2 years later, it seems that nothing significantly has changed in perception or action.”

If you are interested or just curious to find out more, contact me directly or the Watchman team at watchman@ratiose.com

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