Reliability - Security - Simplified

Watchman is a system and device reliability and security monitoring platform consisting of lightweight device monitoring agents and remote sensing tools designed to monitor and report on websites, hosting platforms, IoT devices and robots.

It is capable of monitoring and reporting on e-Commerce platforms, creating alerts and updates for security problems and incidents, critical patching requirements, underlying hardware issues, and performance and stability concerns.


% of PCI Compliance

Less than 30% of online retailers maintain any kind of PCI Compliance

% of Lost Orders

51% of e-Commerce cart abandonment is the result of slow page performance

% of Unsupported Code

at least 40% of the world's websites are running on unsupported versions of critical code

% of Vulnerable Systems

38% of e-Commerce sites have critical vulnerabilities that leave them open to potential attack


Enabling and monitoring anti-virus and anti-malware software, intrusion detection and monitoring SSL certificates, firewall settings and detected software security issues and patches


Monitoring hardware performance of host server infrastructure; disk space, memory consumption, CPU usage. Analysis of page speed and response times for critical pages including home page,  product pages and cart


Analysis of software versions, updates and critical patches. Monitoring of code issues, any plugins and extensions. Up-time monitoring and alerts for any website failures

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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