IoT - the risks of an interconnected world

IoT devices are already everywhere, connecting homes, work, transport, and people to the internet in ways that are either incredibly intrusive or hugely productive - or both - depending on your viewpoint

The number of connected devices in operation around the world is already mind boggling - the actual number of IoT devices in operation worldwide exceeds 29 billion

  • 3 billion domestic devices
  • 40% of IoT devices are used in business and manufacturing; controlling robotic machinery, in the supply chain and used in diagnostics & analytics
  • 30% of IoT devices are used in the healthcare industry
  • Smart cities, smart homes, smart cars, telehealth, farming, factories, nano-sensors...

The opportunities are vast; but what about the risks?

The size of the problem

  • 20 x the size of the internet and growing exponentially
  • A hugely disjointed landscape with 10,000's of suppliers and OEM's

The nature of the landscape

  • Cut-down devices with limited management and cheap limited resources
  • Almost every device tested has identifiable security flaws

The octopus effect

  • IoT devices are everywhere - from medical equipment to sex toys
  • They are a doorway into the home, the workplace, the car...

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