e-Commerce Strategy

Covid-19 has been the catalyst for accelerating the changes in shopping and buying behaviour that have been trending for the last 20 years

If you are a retailer or service provider, then e-Commerce needs to be part of your business strategy - and successful e-Commerce needs a strategy of its own

When we start working with you on a new e-Commerce build we will invest the effort in analyzing your customer behaviours and any traffic you currently have to your website  or social network presence to identify the key targets, key audiences, and key opportunities. We will help you understand how to present your brand online and what features you will need to drive revenue.

Via workshop sessions we will create the plan for delivering your online platform, whether that's a totally new build, or an updated, existing, site. We will also work with you to understand your business rhythm - what are the key dates & periods for you online business? How should your site be able to respond to these, and what features are needed to support these events? What added value functions or tools can be included to help drive sales online? What needs to change back-office to take advantage of potential reduced costs or streamlined processes?

Design and Technology

Selecting the right technology platform is a key decision to ensure that your investment is sustainable and your e-Commerce platform is capable of delivering. Beyond the platform we can provide insight and expertise beyond your store front

  • Systems architecture and integration services
  • Interactive Product Visualisation using Mixed and Augmented Reality (MR/AR) apps
  • Live Chatbots and virtual sales assistants - including Alexa Skills and in-store robots like Softbank’s Pepper Robot
  • Omni-channel sales integration, offline experiences, and social network purchasing
  • Loyalty programs, discounting strategies, and viral marketing
  • SEO and strategies to increase site visibility and rankings


Strategy starts with understanding where you are and where you want to go. Good analytics drives insights and understanding of what you are doing right, and wrong; and what you need to do to create and grow your audience and sell more effectively

Brand and Voice

By understanding both your brand and your customers you can craft an online presence that works to drive traffic and create experiences. Good UX/UI design is the most critical element in successfully selling online


Choosing and investing in the right technology to fit your current and future needs is key, and working out how to combine technology to create new opportunities, new revenue and save costs; as is understanding the future trends in technology and how you can leverage this to increase sales

Focus on Results

Ultimately there are two e-Commerce measures that matter - conversion and cart abandonment. Engaging visitors to convert them to potential buyers, and ensuring that potential buyers are able to complete orders online. It sounds simple, but it's the two metrics that most impact the bottom line