Security and Trust

Your e-Commerce site facilitates your customers payments to you. As such, you have a duty of care to ensure your customers can buy safely and without risk of theft or fraud. We are an agency with security and compliance built into our DNA

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a requirement passed on to e-Commerce retailers (and indeed any retailer) who accepts payment by Credit or Debit Card. The fines and costs of failing to comply to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) can be huge and potentially crippling.

In every case over the last 12 years where a business has suffered from online attacks that resulted in fraud and theft, those businesses were also found to have failed to maintain compliance. Fines can run into $100,000's and upwards.

Fraud Detection

Credit Card fraud doesn't only occur when or if your website is hacked; it can also apply when fraudsters use your website to purchase goods with stolen or fake credit cards, leaving you with wasted time and cost as you deal with banks, chargebacks and paperwork.

In most cases your payment provider deals with fraud detection and customer and card verification, but if you have a site that takes micro-payments or delivers digital goods you should consider integrating extra protection and fraud prevention tools into your payment processing

Site Security

You should ensure that any public website is secure, regardless of what it does, but with e-Commerce security is even more critical. Every e-Commerce site that takes payments of any kind, is a natural target for criminals.

Every day you are online hackers will be online too - looking for ways to gain access to your systems, looking to see if there are vulnerabilities in your payment processes, looking to see if they can steal potentially valuable personal data from your customers.

Keeping secure and using the right tools to protect yourself and your customers is vital


Being secure generates trust - no visitor will buy from you unless they believe that you can be trusted with their data and their payment information.

Ensuring that SSL Certificates are working, making sure that your shopping cart, customer account area and checkout process are visibly secure engenders trust, and improves your online visibility and searchability; all the major browsers and search engines include trust and security factors in how they rank results

Good Security makes you a trusted retailer

Security isn't just about avoiding risk or doing what's needed to obtain compliance or meet regulations. It's also good business sense.

Security is a part of building trust with your visitors and buyers, ensuring that they feel secure in buying your goods online; it should also be a key part of your SEO effort. Search engines include security and trust measure is how they rank and display websites; in that all-important battle for the first page in search results, security and performance go hand-in-hand in helping you achieve visibility and pole position.

We can help with

  • Security and Reliability Monitoring as a Service via the Watchman platform
  • PCI Compliance audits, monitoring services and support with completing PCI Self Assessments
  • GDPR and Data Security audits and advice on how to protect your customers personal data
  • Security audits and penetration testing, from online to full-spectrum testing to understand where you may be vulnerable
  • Secure coding and coding audits of your current software supplier to understand how safe your current systems are
  • Support with hot and cold backups, so in the event of an attack you can get back up online quickly


As part of our security services, Ratio has developed the Watchman platform, a comprehensive product for monitoring and managing digital assets including e-Commerce platforms. Watchman can monitor critical aspects of your systems; sending out alerts and warnings when it detects risks or problems, across both Security and system Reliability.